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Short Circuits Explained

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You may have heard the term "short circuit" before, but it doesn't mean what you may think it does. Here is more information about short circuits and how an electrician in Lakeway, TX can help.

What is a Short Circuit?

Short circuits are electrical circuits that have lower resistance than normal circuits. These circuits permit currents to travel an unintended path, resulting in an abundance of current traveling through the circuit.

What Are the Different Kinds of Short Circuits?

The two different kinds of short circuits are normal and ground fault short circuits. Normal short circuits flow through an unexpected pathway. This type of short circuit occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral wire. Ground fault short circuits occur when a hot wire comes into contact with a part of the system that is grounded.

How to Find a Short Circuit

A continuously tripping breaker can become annoying and damage the circuits, making finding the short circuit an essential task.

Turn Off the Power

Before you attempt to perform any electrical services, make sure the power is off. You can use a tester to ensure the power is off before trying to identify the short circuit. If the circuit breaker has power, the tester will light up.

Set Your Tester to Resistance or Continuity

You can use a digital or analog tester to help you identify the short circuit. Using the selector button, switch the setting to continuity or resistance. If you're using a standard testing meter, you probably won't have the continuity setting, so use the resistance setting.

Test the Probes

Put the probe tips together and make a note of the continuity or resistance readings, which should be zero if the meter is working correctly. You may notice a flashing light or a sound if you're using continuity testing.

Locate the Short Circuit

Locate the short circuit by testing each circuit component. The short circuit will be the component that has a zero or close to zero reading.

Common Causes of Short Circuits

There are many causes of short circuits, including:

  • Loose wire connections

  • Faulty appliance wiring

  • Faulty circuit wire insulation

How to Resolve Issues with Short Circuits by Hiring an Electrician in Lakeway, TX

You should monitor your appliances and the outlets they use. If you notice burn marks on the outlets, or it smells like something is burning, this can be an issue with the circuits. To prevent issues with short circuits, use less electricity during storms, and install devices that prevent short circuits, such as ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) or arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs). A residential electrician can address electrical malfunctions in your home and provide reliable solutions.

Here at PowerMean Electrical Contracting, an electrician in Lakeway, TX, no job is too big or too small. We provide electrical solutions for residential and commercial purposes. Contact us today to inquire about our services today!


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