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Electrical Safety Tips for the Winter

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The winter season is upon us and everyone is preparing for the cold weather. As this frosty time of the year approaches, so does the need for fires, blankets, heaters, and more. But this can also bring about danger if you're not careful!

Out of anyone, electricians really know the hazards that this time of the year can bring. And any electrician in Driftwood, TX will tell you, doing your due diligence now can save you a lot of hassle down the line. So without further ado, here are a few tips from an electrician that will help you stay safe during the winter months.

Common Winter Electrical Problems

Broken electrical wires are one of the most common issues in winter. When snow accumulates on wires, it acts as an insulator which makes it difficult for electricity to flow through it. This can cause a shock or even an electrical fire to start. Having your electrician check the exterior of your house for any broken wires, frayed insulation, and other damage is a great way to help prevent accidents in the future.

Another common issue is faulty or damaged power strips and extension cords. Faulty power outlets can cause the wiring in appliances like space heaters to overheat and cause a fire! Therefore it's important to have your electrician check the safety of your power outlets before anything else!

Tips for Using Electric Heated Blankets and Space Heaters

Electric heated blankets and space heaters are great for keeping warm, but they're dangerous if you don't use them properly.

One of the most common problems with electric blankets is that people fold them up while plugged in, which can result in overheating. Make sure to unplug your power cords when not in use.

Other dangers include using an electric blanket with a waterbed, which can cause electrocution if the blankets are placed near each other or touching one another while plugged in. Make sure to turn off your electric blanket before you get into bed.

Space heaters need to be placed far enough from flammable materials such as curtains, sofas, or anything else that could catch fire if a heater malfunctions. Keep the heater away from walls and heating vents too! If it gets too hot, your heater could burn the wall behind it, which is also a fire hazard.

Getting the Right Electrician in Driftwood, TX

It may be cold outside but with these helpful tips, you can make sure you stay safe this winter. If you need an electrician in Driftwood, TX, contact PowerMeans Electrical Contracting for quality work done right.


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