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Do I Need GFCI Outlets?

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Electricity is a vital resource for everyday survival. However, it has its downside which includes fatal injuries. In 2018, ESFI recorded 160 electrical fatalities in the US, an 18 percent increase from the previous year. That's why residential owners ought to conduct due diligence and protect themselves from electrical hazards. The GFCI outlet installation is an excellent place to start, and here's some insight from your residential electrician in Dripping Springs, TX.

GFCI 101

A ground fault circuit interpreter or GFCI outlet is a circuit breaker that automatically shuts off electrical power in real-time upon sensing an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current. An electrician can integrate the device into your home's electrical outlet to track the flow. It protects electrical receptacles and wiring from overheating and the possibility of fires hence minimizing the risk of shocks and burns.

Where Do You Need GFCI Outlets?

It's essential to position GFCI outlets in spaces where electrical outlets are close to water, for instance, anywhere near sinks. Therefore, it's an excellent idea to install the devices in laundry rooms, pool houses, bathrooms, and kitchens. In case you're using equipment such as hair dryers near a sink, and they slip into the water, you'll thank the heavens that you installed GFCI outlets. Not only will you protect yourself from possible shocks but the costly hospital visits.

Additionally, the National Electrical Code requires residential premises to have GFCI outlets. You should install at least one GFCI outlet in single-phase outlets and on wiring systems during construction, maintenance, or renovation of structures using electricity temporarily.

What About GFCI Receptacles?

While a GFCI circuit breaker protects everything on the circuit, the receptacle counterpart only protects the receptacle and any downstream outlet. Receptacles are easier to install and are cheaper. You can only install receptacles in easily accessible locations, so why not contact a seasoned electrician for more discernment?

Get Help from Your Expert Electrician in Drippings Springs, TX

PowerMeans Electrical Contracting is an electrician in Dripping Springs, TX with professional staff that delivers full-scale electrical services. Whenever you face any power issues, do not hesitate to call us. Contact us today to get electrical help or find out more about our services.


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